Tailgate Market begins: 9-1-18

This Saturday, September 1, 2018, from 8:00 AM until noon, the Mount Holly Farmers Market continues with our "Tailgate Market." This is a more laid-back style of outdoor market where many of your favorite vendors will continue to bring their fall offerings every Saturday morning through September and October.

Thank you all for voting for the Market Veterans Healing Garden Project to receive a $25,000 grant from State Farm! Voting has now closed, and as the leaderboard closed with 24 hours of voting to go, we were project #13 out of 200. State Farm will release the results on September 25, and we will let you guys know as soon as possible! Thank you all for your support.

Tailgate Market Sept. & Oct.

Did you know about the Facebook group "Mount Holly Farmers Market- Farmers & Artisans"? You can join this group to find out which farmers are going to be at the Tailgate Market each week and what they are bringing. Thanks for being a Friend of the Market, and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning at the Tailgate Market!

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